Alternative Amsterdam: Cool, quirky and unusual things to do

You’ve done the cheddar tasting, seen the tulips and taken a trench visit – now it’s an ideal opportunity to grasp Amsterdam’s idiosyncratic side. Regardless of whether you’re keen on the crazy, can’t get enough of the uncommon or grotesque, or, are a card-conveying adrenaline junkie, you’ll need these cool and strange activities in the city on your rundown.


Electric Ladyland

Disregard Van Gogh and Rembrandt, the place ensured to serve up Amsterdam’s soul in work of art is Electric Ladyland, which is only a short stroll from Anne Frank’s home. Craftsman and proprietor, Nick Padalino will manage you through the exploration of glaring light and the enlightening workmanship and minerals that hang and float in each room, however the primary fascination is the immersive Fluorescent Environment. You’re welcome to enter and investigate this stunning establishment, successfully turning into a piece of the craftsmanship as opposed to a unimportant voyeur.

Cable car: Westermarkt

De Poezenboot

Feline sweethearts originate from great distances abroad to visit De Poezenboot, the world’s first (and presumably just) skimming cat asylum. In 1968 Henriette van Weelde – known as ‘the feline woman’ because of her propensity for taking in strays – started filling a houseboat with the felines she saved, and the fuzzy guests continued coming. Today, the canal boat is available to general society and the Cat Boat Foundation is a perceived philanthropy you can monetarily save one of the canal boat’s inhabitants from. A short time later, for what reason not press in an excursion to Katten Kabinet, an exhibition hall committed completely to workmanship delineating felines?

Cable car/Bus: Nieuwezijds Kolk

A’DAM Lookout

Europe’s most astounding swing suspends from the sky deck of A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North, 328ft (100m) over the ground. Ride the super-quick lift, which speeds through 20 stories in 22 seconds, and lock in for the most exciting and stunning perspective this one of a kind city brings to the table. In case you’re less of a thrill seeker and all the more a nourishment fan, there’s a cool eatery that offers an all encompassing perspective up there, as well. Desiring some learning? The intuitive presentation is superior to anything most you’ll visit down underneath.

Transport: Buiksloterwegveer

NDSM Wharf

Delivery compartments transformed into craftsmanship displays, a phase for exhibitions, a housetop Jacuzzi and a lot of chances to eat and drink anticipate at NDSM Wharf. Initially a shipyard, today NDSM is a social hotspot and the ideal place to meet companions consistently. There are new shows, talks and DJ sets added to the program of unique occasions held at NDSM consistently, so it’s well worth watching out for the site. On the off chance that it’s sufficiently warm, you can even go for a swim at the ‘shoreline’.

Ship: NSDM


Micropia is a gallery committed to the littlest and most effective life forms on our planet. Organisms are imperceptible to the stripped eye, so Micropia gives the devices to see them, touch them, and comprehend them in a way that is fun and intriguing. Sweep your body to perceive what number of organisms are sticking to your garments and skin and tune in to talks from driving researchers in the examination lab. Need a greater amount of this sort of thing? Make a beeline for Museum Vrolik where you’ll reveal jugs of a portion of the old bones, organs and examples that formed current medication.

Cable car: Artis

Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica

The Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica or Ritman Library is an amazing accumulation of uncommon original copies and books on old supernatural quality, and the motivation behind Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. It’s no big surprise either – nearby other amazing tomes, it’s the home to the main showed release of Dante’s La Divina Commedia from 1481. The books here concentrate on the profound existence of Europe, the connection amongst logic and religion, and man’s look for the significance of life. On the off chance that every one of that gets excessively for you, the building itself is a delightful diversion.

Cable car: Wester Market


The Vondelbunker in Vondelpark has a mixed history. It’s a nuclear haven that was worked amid WWII, at that point utilized as an elective music scene and home base region in the 1960s – Pink Floyd were said to have included at stake up – and is presently a non-benefit occasion space. From melodic workshops to Halloween parties, motion picture showings and left-field plays, no two evenings are the same here.

Cable car: Overtoom

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos is an enormous (we’re talking three times the span of Central Park in NYC), man-made woods inside the city. You can appreciate a peaceful stroll through forest, figure out how to cruise on the lake, go horse riding or visit the spa. There’s a working goat cultivate where you can test the creamiest goats’ cheddar, and in addition an outside theater and an experience play area that takes into account children and grown-ups alike. Remain for a day or spend the entire week in your own particular tent or one of the charming occasion bungalows.

Transport: Van Nijenrodeweg/Amstelveenseweg

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